The Open Heart

So, I was thinking a few days back how we make prayers, then wait patiently or start doubting them instantly. When it comes to seeking answers through prayers, then have firm belief in the following strategies;

1. Ask the King: What would be your reaction if any minister or King calls you and tells you he would grant you any desire you have? How respectfully and politely would you oblige? Wear best of clothes, show the most gratifying attitude to “please” them, be punctual in reaching there on time for the “meet-up”

… similarly, if Allah SWT, the King of all kings, has commanded you to ask Him only, even if its just a sole for your shoe, then ask Him for literally anything you want. He has the treasures you won’t expect to get anywhere.

2. Prayers are just a “request”: you did ask the King of kings, showed him the best side of yourself then you wait for the answers… however, always keep in mind, as you deposit a request slip in His bank of prayers your turn to be blessed is dependant upon how much amount of Sabr you have. You will either be rewarded instantly, or the request would be postponed as the time hasn’t arrive yet. Its His decision to process the “request” according to what He thinks is best for you. Don’t bang the doors in anger or get depressed. Your turn will come.

3. Shun the doubts away: when you have now prayed with utmost sabr and faith, then be mindful of the fact that to divert you from this straight path your enemy Iblis waited far more patiently and cleverly made a plan even before you started praying, thus making you doubt your own believes that sprouts in your heart and sway you away from this. He’ll turn you into a curious monster, an impatient person who starts to doubt his own Creator and finally depress you into thinking He isn’t listening to your prayers and they will NEVER be granted. Truth is, its a vicious cycle that only breaks if you believe in Allah’s ability that He knows every cell in you and give life to those who are dead, so why won’t He think the best of you? You should think the best of Him. Don’t. Judge. Him!

4. Ask anytime: whether during daily prayers, or when you get up in the morning or at night before sleeping, when in pain, when in anger, while beaming with happiness, when you crave for something, when you want to vent out but can’t find anyone, when you are frustrated of this world- pray, pray and pray! Ask Him in a state of wuzu or without wuzu. Allah SWT doesn’t check your clothes, looks or objectify the way you pray, He only sees belief in your heart and the intention with what you pray.

5. His attributes, your good deeds and intentions: yep! That’s true! Ask Allah SWT from all His names that you love..

” Oh Allah, you are Al Ghafaar ( most forgiving) so please forgive me”,

“Oh Allah, you are Al-Muizz (the Bestower of honors) so please grant me respect in this world and hereafter ”

“Oh Allah, If you loved the sadqa I gave yesterday, or the small ticky pack I gave to the poor boy on the road please accept it and grant me (then add your prayers here)”

… trust me, He absolutely loves this way. Just the tips and tricks to cash your desires quickly from His bank of rewards. 😌


Its amazing how we quickly judge our own believes first then our faith in Him. What you sow in your heart of faith, then keep nourishing it with good or bad is what sprouts to become a rewarding tree or a tree that doesn’t bless you with fruits at all.

Choice is yours. 🙂

Check below how Suhaib Rumi has beautifully summed up the entire thought process I described above…

My Precious Miracle.

It’s a whole new world.

A world which can’t be defined in words, yet I will gather my peices to define you…

You, the real you I know of, are a thousand blessings all summed up so perfectly.

You, the fragile you, I sometimes get worried how to handle with so much care not to break you apart.. yet keep you strong to face this life.

You, after a thousand sunsets in life, finally came like a beaming sunrise.

You, the child in you, that completes my day peacefully.

You, the man in you, that rises to straighten the bends in life boldly.

You, that I know of, are a versatility of your own.

It’s a whole new world!

A world where I find myself being the real “me”, the place I longed since what seemed like an era to open my wings and soar high above clouds.

The world where I’m free.

A world where no other person can ever come in between.

A world of honor, respect and unconditional love.

The world of my peaceful silence after a long tiring day.

A world to share my worries and find answers to, a world of hope, a world of learning wisdom and a world where nobody can ever reach.

The complete, beautiful world.

It’s a whole new world!

The real motivation in me to win hard battles.

The vision I look beyond my hopes.

The gesture of utmost care and love.

The pranks, the names, the tiny fights and the sweetness within them.

The efforts you put in to listen night cries to lighten my heart.

The one who understands the child in me and deals so tenderly.

The bold, the mischievous, the confident, the handsome real you.

It’s a whole new world!

Where we pray to live for each other’s happiness.

Where we would never change no matter the circumstances.

Where the prayers we make for each other are quickly granted.

Where the value of a single tear, the reason behind our silences and the reward of our patience is blessed.

Where the love for you grows, each day though it can’t be expressed completely..

Where the happiest beings live.. and dream on to become ideals for crowd among them.

(InshaaAllah! )

It’s a whole new world.

You’re the transition from chaos to peace.

The laugh of contentment, the breath of fresh air.

The home I come to, the endless support.

The reward of my pain, the answers to my daily prayers.

The one who understands my silence and keep searching for ways to brighten me.

The deep, dark eyes that show hopes of new life ahead.

The emotional and sensitive side of me.

The reason I gain my trust back in this world of no loyalty.

The nutty, witty, pretty part of myself.

You’re my whole new world.

Thank you, for coming into my life and completing it so perfectly.



Thank you for being my miracle.

I’m proud of you.

Allahumma barik lana. mashaaAllah tabrakAllah ❣

Do You Dare?

Dare to move mountains?

What if the mountain was assigned to you in order to make you become so strong, so brave yet so humble towards life harsh realities that you say at the edge of mountainside, “bring it on and don’t judge me by my size, for you, O mountain are not stronger or heavier than my faith!”

Then see the mountain vanish away slowly, withering rocks and dissolving into the unknown.
There are various “mountains” everyone face in their lifetime. It also depends upon one’s ability to regard their problems as merely a mountain or a hill. Some make a bridge in between. Some climb to the top. A few give up due to the rocky landslides. Some fear the volcanoes within while others know how to toss aside those fiery walls.


You see… Nobody can ever share their “mountains” with anyone as only you know how to climb them how to protect against heavy winds and how to reach the top- somehow. So saying to anyone, “we know how it feels” won’t actually share that burden. Don’t even try to judge me here, I’m stating facts!

So again, when you feel those landslides coming your way, just strategically remind yourself of the confidence and bravery within you.

As the saying goes, “you have been assigned the mountains to show others how to climb them”.

Take hold of this now! You got this!


Letting go…

From thoughts to talking it low,

Silhouetted figures now take a bow,

Those fears and pain swipe past slowly

Just as the sand, just let it go.

Ask me, what took it so long?

Demanding, yet delivering no peace

Ask them, they don’t know how its done?

Still wondering? just let it go.

Comparing the prison of the world

The belittling sprouts of unhappiness

With what awaits, what no eye saw

So wait some more, so just let it go..

Al- Muhaymin — The Bestower of Faith, The Guardian.

Allah calls Himself Al-Muhaymin— The Guardian, The Witness, The Overseer — on one occasion in the Quran. He is the One who ensures the wellbeing of creation. Al-Muhaymin observes, guards, and protects His creation!

The Overseer, Protector and Guardian

Muhaymin comes from the root haa-meem-noon , which points to three main meanings. The first main meaning is to oversee, protect, and guard, and the second is to witness. The third main meaning is to determine the truth.

At HIS pace…


¤ A Mere Thought Crossed My Mind¤




Ever wondered how sometimes Allah SWT eases your tasks over which you stressed your entire week through by thinking, arguing or even fighting for the sake if it? These may include your major decisions about workplace or shifting city or even your tiniest of worries that keep poking your curiosity now and then.
Allah SWT bless you in ways we can’t thank enough. Here’s a little post to share this tiny thought to ponder over the ways of how literally Allah SWT saves us, directs us and ease our path to where we ARE suppose to be headed- and not where we DESIRE to go.


We say He is “Aalam ul Ghaib” the “All Knower of Unseen” ask yourself truly, how much you believe in that? When we put our desires into our prayers and ask Him to make that happen, don’t ever think He would work at your pace. He knows what you don’t.

When we say Allah SWT is the best planner. Trust Him and believe in His timings. He wants you to plead for it and ask HIM only and not anyone else beyond Him. When you ask for the best, He will grant you with it sooner or later at His Pace.





An Anthem of Silence

An unexplained roar, building mountains of fury within you.
Furious, yet calm and subtle.
So calm you don’t want to say anything- just sit around and remain silent. Deep, deep thoughts encircle and take you to a world of weird dreams.
There is pain, there is waiting, there is utter want to scream- but you remain silent.

You think. Think deep.
You ponder over existence..
Everything is fake in the world…
Except that which you feel right now..
Deep, deep silence.
Pleading to break apart the cage of anguish that you, so beautifully decorated with laughter outside.

Ask yourself, is that a norm? How long can you keep up with this silence ?
Or, would you rather trust your Creator and wait till He bestows His promise unto you?

So yes, these dreams connect you somehow, to your Creator..

“And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied”
-Surah Ad-Duha, Holy Quran.

So for now. Stay silent as you may want.
But within, direct your dreams unto His plan.
Submit yourself. Completely and solely to His authority…

Who knows how you were re-born from the ashes, those secrets you hide from the fake world outside, what you deeply desire since years and where your rizq will be entrusted.

Make Him your best friend.

A Standstill…

Some views just astonish you.

They aspire you to look beyond memories and plan ahead.

Ever passed by a peaceful sea? The calmness. The subtle reality.. Just to mesmerize you, as you stand there. Still. Admiring the beauty it seduces you with.

Life often becomes a standstill. You come across a trial and error situation. A mirage often. That looks beautiful, but as you reach near, it fades away. Laughing back at you, at your innocence and curiosity.

Life often becomes a standstill. It carries the same depth as of the sea. It thrashes you too against huge rocks. Yet springs you back up on your feet.

Life becomes a standstill. When you ASSUME everything you planned, was a failure just like the sea creatures THOUGHT when they couldn’t catch their prey.

Life becomes a standstill. When a sudden ray of hope fills your mind with tranquility. Yet, this ray fades away as the bubble of hope perishes. Just like the clouds that gather around the sun that shone brightly upon silver waves of sea.

Do you think life ends here?

The sea moves with its stillness. The same calmness of tranquility, yet hides a rage within.

It hides a world within itself. A world so colourful that humans often visit to become awed. A world where creatures know, if they can’t catch their prey this time a bigger meal awaits them ahead. A world where outside humans trash it up with dirt, mud and throw garbage, yet inside it knows it was never built to be that bag of dirt so it stays beautiful as it was.

Its unpredictable. How an amazing blend of a savage thunder it holds within! It could drown you… but, ofcourse, it won’t; unless you fight against its waves which it built so beautifully thrashing against the rocks or those that go deep within. So, mind it, its a warning. Don’t. Mess. With it. Ever!

It tans you, yet it bathes you with hope. It reminds you to bring plans ahead, leave memories behind- people behind- even the world behind that make you stand so still.

You see the contrast here?

Yes, you’re that sea. For someone and for your petty ownself.

So, keep sailing the boat of hope even if you have tiniest of ripples. Life does become a standstill, but it keeps moving if you’re the sea..

Cheers ⛵

Patience. The. End.


It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

See around you. You may find every person struggling in their own abilities and limitations to endure what they are going to. Its a fact, a proven one time to time, that none of us can actually take the burden of “test” or sufferings another person is going through; just as similarly, others can’t take ours.

We always turn to Allah SWT for help in times of distress. Plead to Him or open up His book for an immediate answer. Man is an impatient soul. We want answers, we want peace and we want justice and we want rewards in this word and hereafter too.

..but, yes, our Lord, the Most Wise, answers to us accordingly to what our subconsciousness wants to hear. Often, very calmly and gently.

You know what answers mostly we get?

  • “Be patient for those who are patient have beautiful rewards”
  • And have you seen the (seed) which you sow? Is it you who makes it grow, or are we the grower?”
  • Do the people think that they will be left to say, ‘we believe’ and they will not be tried? But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars”.
  • “O mankind, fear your Lord and fear a Day when no father will avail his son, nor will a son avail his father at all. Indeed the promise of Allah is the truth, so let not worldly life delude you and be not deceived about Allah by a Deceiver!”
  • He SWT also gives us incentives like : “And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous good deeds, that for them will be gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise). Every time they will be provided with a fruit they will say: ‘ this is what we were provided with before’ and they will be given things is resemblance, and they will have pure spouses there, and they will abide therein forever”
  • He also acknowledges and, at the same time, rejects your impatience “Man is created of haste, I will show you my signs, so ask Me not to hasten (them)”


Now, I want you to think a little differently here. Imagine asking your mum for something you desire extremely urgent, you are impatient. you want it NOW!

and what does she say ?

  • “I will give it to you if you say thankyou! “
  • “Be PATIENT!”
  • “I know the correct time, stop whining”
  • ” will give it to you only if you do this or that house chore or you study this this pages of the chapter or you stop checking your cellphone every minute- for good sake!”
  • “okay, okaayy! calm down. There is a reward for you if you listen to me and don’t haste- only then i will give you”

Do you see any similarities?


You would trust your mum here wont you? You know she knows your moods, fights and struggles better than anyone else in home, but you just can’t wait for whatever you want… as of course… ” she doesn’t know what you are going through”, “she doesn’t care” , “i have been asking her since days! she just won’t give me” and all those thoughts that leave you more impatient.

Allah SWT loves you 70 times more than your mom. He is certainly very aware of the moods, fights and struggles you go through- minute by minute or day by day. A bigger blessing is, He even knows what future holds for you. What you will become and how will you adapt to His world of tests..

Its a mere test of Imaan that ofcourse, stumbles very easily if we aren’t firm over it. We desire something- we plan or ask those around us- we don’t get it- then we get negative thoughts about it and the vicious cycle continues….

Heres the thing: We strive and We plan to do things OUR way that we think is right. Why don’t we, for an instance, think to let things go? initially, we tend to leave few things, but plan, re-plan and re-re plan thinking ok, maybe, this strategy would work? but we fail. Ultimately, to realize its invain.. and ” what is to happen is only what He wills”

So, try leaving every tiniest of feeling, biggest of desires, impossible of the impossible wish and every plan upon Him. let your feelings soar high above with believe that He made you reach this far, He plans the best, so He will plan ahead what is best for you aswell.

That’s the end of Patience.