How To Win At Life…

Concepts… theories… and more stories. People have found “an easy-way-out”. Its not that easy AT ALL when it comes to follow your natural self. People in this world live for people; to impress them, to highlight them and to honor them and make themselves take a “soft corner” in others heart. However, that’s not what Islam teaches us to be in a state of mind. What Allah (s.w.t.) and His Messenger (s.a.w.w) has taught is more important and valuable to be followed rather than to to follow people’s smart ideas according to fashion, whatever they may choose. I believe there are people who fear Allah (s.w.t.) to this extent that they wont realize they have gone astray in creating a fuss out of religion that they follow. What fuss am I talking about? I’m talking about the same traditions, the same bida’aat, the same conspiracies that run within castes and more castes and further more castes. This Caste system would never end if WE on our own don’t follow just two things… the order of Allah (s.w.t.) in the Quran and the incredibly easy Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w.). As easily said, its not that literally simple. This is what I believe one should follow, for the beginners, a small and decent start:

1. Faith (emaan): is the first and the foremost thing that would lead us to conquer every obstacle in our way. How? well, if you have faith in Allah (s.w.t) and His commands and faith in His already written destiny and the faith that whatever comes to you as a tear, or a fear, or a smile or a whine or anything that makes u angry or extremely happy- is purely and absolutely from Allah (s.w.t).

2. Patience (sabr): After you attained the believe in Allah (s.w.t) and His commands you wait for His answer. You begin showing signs of wisdom not by speaking or debating with others around you, but dealing with situations tactfully; no matter how bad they come along. Patience has its own types; to come to the point:

 a) Patience when someone your near dear dies or patience when you are hit by a calamity (the most valued patience and the most common concept of patience too).

 b) Patience during times of anger- flushing your face because someone really badly hurt you or made you hate him in some way.

 c) Patience during panic situations- When the world around you rushes everywhere and make you panic too but inside when you are calm, patient and preserved- then you will succeed (InshaaAllah!)

3) Humility: Something every human needs to differentiate himself from an animal’s way of living life. Burning the ego. Letting go and forgiving people. Respecting the elders as well as young ones. And ofcourse, humbly and kindly dealing with those who are rude and cruel to you and your family.

4) Forgiveness: An easy way to prevent life long medicines for heart, bones and depression. To forgive those who are the worst and to ignore their behaviour is a talent not every human being can have- rather its a harsh truth to accept. It make us believe in Allah SWT command and His authority. And eventually, we are left with no grudges that spin our head or weaken our bodies.

5) Prayer: Regarded as “the weapon of a believer” is actually a conversation between you and Allah SWT. Your way of asking Him, pleading Him, crying infront of Him like a baby and secretly admiring His presence is what makes Allah SWT loves you more than your mother does. Use your wisdom to ask Allah SWT for every single little or big, expensive or cheap thing you want. Ask Him, He replies back instantly!

6) Love: To love someone dearly and admire them means we are actually following what they do, how they dress, how they sleep, walk, talk, pray, etc. This love for anyone gets more enhanced and pure when it gets mixed with respect. This is the reason, why Allah SWT orders us to love Him and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) more than we love our spouses, family members, children, friends and neighbors.

When, eventually, people turn out to be practicing the above mentioned few of the many basic habits- they admire the way their life is being carried on. They not only enjoy true meaning of life, but also believe the life is temporary and start preparing for the Hereafter.

May Allah SWT grant us peace and make us one of the best in His eyes, inshaaAllah!


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