Not Greater Than Allah’s Mercy!

Whenever we find ourselves either intentionally or unintentionally comitting a sin, yet a time comes we believe the sin is so great it might become a barrier between our prayers being accepted. Sometimes, people go with the extreme guilt that the leave prayers or stop reciting Quran, “I cant face my Lord with this burden of sins with me…” We think that is the solution? While these people exist, there are yet many thousands who dont care even after disobeying Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Still, Allah is there for every breath they take, every little perfect metabolism and every big decision in their lives. He is there.. Waiting. Maybe His servant will come back to Him in repentance so He would forgive. I came across a beautiful explaination by AbdelRahman Murphy as described in his own words below:

Someone once asked Hasan Al Basri, “shouldn’t one feel too shy to commit a sin, then ask Allah for forgiveness, then commit that sin again, then ask Allah for forgiveness again?”

Hasan Al Basri [r] responded, “this is precisely the attitude that Shaytaan wants us to have. Don’t ever tire of asking or be to shy to ask for forgiveness.”

From a young age, our lives are filled with lessons and directions as to what is permissible and what is impermissible, with motivation to do former and abandon the latter.

In Surah Zumar, Allah gives us a unique prohibition, “…Oh my servants who have wronged themselves (by sinning): don’t ever ever ever! despair in the mercy of Allah – verily Allah can forgive all sins, ever!” It is impermissible to lose hope in Allah’s mercy!

While it’s true that certain actions are damaging to someone’s faith, and that we should avoid and compassionatelyand wisely help others avoid those actions, we often forget that one of the most damaging things a person can do to their faith is think that their mistakes are too great for Allah to forgive. It’s simply not true.

Your mistakes, my mistakes – they’re absolutely dwarfed by Allah’s mercy and His ability, willingness, and want to forgive. The despair and guilt we might feel for committing a sin – perhaps repeatedly – should motivate us to change, but should never cause us to despair and completely lose hope – and we should never ever lose hope in others, or be the reason that someone else feels this despair! Rinse your heart with the soothing and cleansing water of tawbah, and continue on your way to and down the straight path.

Allah’s ability and willingness to forgive is – and will always be – greater than our mistakes and ability to sin.



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