Believe. Pray to Allah… Forget.


“Ya Allah! Please give me the best in this world and hereafter!”
“Ya Allah please grant me best of the best ..”
“Ya Allah please promote me …”
“Ya Allah, please grant me Jannatul firdaus!”

How often do we pray like this? Everyday almost! We believe we have sent our message to Allah what we want and how we want.. In what state it has to be and till what time we want..
But these are just the presumptions in actual that we make. What we lack is the wisdom behind Allah’s “not now, but later” idea.
Allah says in Surah Waqiah, ayaah 63-64
“And have you seen (the seed) that you sow? Is it you who grows it or are We the grower?”

And also, surah Yunus, ayaah 61,
“…….  And  not  absent  from  your  Lord  is  any  [part]  of  an  atom’s  weight  within the  earth  or  within  the  heaven  or  [anything]  smaller  than  that  or  greater  but  that  it  is in  a  clear  register”

What does these ayaah tell us?
1. Allah is all powerful
2. Allah knows how and when to produce things.
3. Allah is aware of what will happen next in our lives.
4. We are weaklings, who dont’t even have the power to blink an eye without His permission.
5. We can never predict the future.

You may carry on with the list of what we can derive here.. But the emphasis i want to put here is basically that we can never predict the future. And since we can never ever predict the future we should always leave our problems with Allah. No matter how much hardwork we have done.. No matter how long it must have taken.. No matter how many nights we woke up to solve our problems.. Leave it  upon Him.

Another thing people often ask is why should we pray then if its already been decreed? Why should we work hard if we know what would be the result? Dear brothers and sisters, consider this, if we want to give our children a kitkat or a gummy bear if they get done with their homework on time and obey our commands properly without any tantrums wouldnt we feel please? Wouldnt we give them their reward plus shower them with love? When Allah says He loves us 70 times more than a mother does.. What makes you think you are not loved and considered upon? What makes you think that asking our Lord to give us something we want would not end up  getting something much better? Better for us, even if it gets delayed. Allah plays silently and calmly with us, testing us- saving us from thorns in path of life and equally increasing ranks in jannah- if we believe.

Allah also says, in surah Al ankabut, ayaah 2,
“Do  the  people  think  that  they  will  be  left  to  say,  “We  believe”  and  they  will  not  be  tried?”
Our aim in this life is to pass every test that will actually promote us in the hereafter.  If we ask for jannatul firdaus it is quite evident we are often followed up with a series of tests in our lives.. Allah says He would test us with “wealth and offsprings” whether it is in a manner of blessings in which we are tested for remembering Allah.. or it comes as a sadness/ hurt/ failure in which we have to do sabar and tawakkul (patience and believe).
So basically, test is a test- which is in real terms that ticket Allah wants us to have for Jannatul Firdaus!

Tawakkul, believe, is something that doesnt really pops up instantly in everybody’s life. It might take one event.. It might take years. But Allah wants us to keep asking Him.. Pleading Him like a child. And if we dont get what we desire- He wants us to believe in Him that He will give us something waaaaay better than what we asked for.. Because He is the best of Planners who planned each life’s story wisely and sophiticatedly.

The dunya is a place of deception. No matter how much we need it, we should believe it is to be finished in the hereafter.. Are we to be finished with it? YES. Are our  health, children, friends, spouses, grades, empires and wealth intercede for us ? NO. But then again, if we want the dunya, we go for it and Allah leaves us into it with pleasures and lavishness of its secrets. The choice is ours.

AGAIN- remember its not of any benefit to Him but to us that we may attain peace and tranquilty in this world and hereafter. May we all be the one guided to the correct path of Imaan and may Allah makes us among the chosen one. Ameen. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Believe. Pray to Allah… Forget.

  1. Salam Alaykum sister,
    Honestly I already love your blog. Your posts are so rich and full of teaching. That is what I’m looking for on WordPress, to learn about my beautiful religion so barak’Allah feeki sister fillah.

    Regarding ths post, indeed it is not easy to have tawakkul in Allah so thank you for thoses precious advices.
    May Allah protect you.

    Liked by 1 person

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