Quit Expectations From The World


If we come to think of a moment when we are severely depressed about something, want attention to our problems, crave for some easy way out or even thinking alot about why we got hurt- thats actually the moment when your relation with Allah becomes so evident you dont want to meet anyone else.
But this happens to few.
Its not important that you make wudhu, spread the prayer mat and start praying to establish a connection between your Creator and yourself. Just pray silently. Within yourself. Discussing every tiny bit of worries to Him as you would like to discuss it with your mum.. Then see miracles happen.
Come to think of it!! Isn’t it just so beautiful that you are allowed to pray without any formalities to the King of the kings? He says you can ask me for even a shoe sole that you want and I may provide..

But it is sad to learn that people-including me- sometimes yearn for His forgivesness and mercy and solution of problems during our problems.. While once we are out, we are happy and shining in those blessings.
As easy as it is for Allah to solve your problems- from knowing the unsaid to any big crisis of your life- its is simple for Him to know how strong we are in keeping our relation with Him.
I’ve witnessed people who bend towards the Shirk concept of relation- amulet, visiting graves of some old scholars to ask for interceding on their behalf, trying out palmistry, doing magic to turn tables in their vote- whats the end result? Ask them, are you even happy about it? Satisfied in this world with what you have while the world would be perished one day? No amulet or scholar would come to save us – except for our a’amaal?
They have no answers.

I have also witnessed people who learn deen, but are not so enthusiastically practising when it comes to their problems.. Like if you are betrayed but you decide to pay them back! Or if you got scolded but you get so angry! Even if your friends plan to go out without you was it that important to make a havoc out of it! Was it necessary to not ask welfare of your neighbour if they havent ask your in months? Ofcourse not.
If we just bear in mind the mere thought that those things/event/person that cause distress in our lives are in actual a reason to make us closer to our Lord- then what would we prefer?
Lets think about it clear our minds of filth against our problems-which are there to make us His chosen ones.


4 thoughts on “Quit Expectations From The World

  1. My late grandfather used to say, “Every night before you go to sleep, just close your eyes and imagine you are floating in space. You see the stars and the planets and all the magnificent things out there. Then ask yourself, ‘If our Creator can build such complexity with such beauty, is there something He cannot do?’ The answer, of course, is no. And then you will realise that Allah ta’ala has the solutions to your every problem.”

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    1. Indeed, our elders and their teachings are worth bearing in mind for life they are true for every generation. This reminds me of my late grandparents aswell who always said Sabar and Shukar and your life’s problems are solved. 🙂
      JazaakAllah brother, for reading my post and sharing your view.

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