Month: July 2016

The longest block- EVER!

Well yes, that’s true. The past few months had been a roller coaster ride for me. The worse part being in a writer’s block for approx 7 months! Never had it this long! Glad to be back, eventually.

So you see being a final year med-student isnt that easy.. you have to give bundles of presentations, attend a billion lazy early morning lectures, present assignments, fill out histories and ofcourse, create “final year” memories! This was one of the best year of my entire medical studies. It started off with its fast pace and ended with an amazing time… the fact being the presence of presentations which I enjoyed, my hangouts with a classy group of friends and ofcourse the batch spent last few weeks in observing fun days in College. Crazy day..color day.. scrub day.. and on the very last day the batch altogether went to eat Parathaas and drink some Chaai !   the teachers were equally co operative and granted us often early leave. The last few official weeks of final year were just so amazing I wish we could stop the time here… on the other hand, I barely studied seriously during the year- but when Pre-Graduation dinner of 2016 came around the corner I realised what seriousness this year had in itself. We were nearing our mock (preproffs) exams by end of April and eventually followed an exhausting May-July that flew away in our Proff (final) exams.. inbetween we observed Ramadan and I often sat down to write but hardly gained enough material to write upon. I often prayed to be productive enough in Ramadan- maybe some dawah through wordpress? Some links to inspiring lectures of renowed scholars?… but there was some barrier that often came infront. Something that blocked me from this passion, something so lazy I hardly believe I could endure. Just my procrastinations.

The moment after my last viva, I prayed I could resume this world of writing and enjoy its fruits. For the best reward for an author is the satisfaction and peace after pouring down the inspirations he carries.

Here’s to coming back! cheeers! alhamdulilah B-)