Month: August 2016

A Walk In Those Shoes… 

The ups and downs of med school turns you into a fierce, yet calm and kind at the same time. Its amazing how we all are exhausted and still determined for the next day challenges. Such anguish! Such euphoria! 

Click the link below shared by an amazing med student, written truely from the core of heart 🙂 

The Hard Life: Where’s the Tears? –


 بیوٹی فل، پرفیکٹ اور بیلینسڈ

“وزن کم کرنے کے تَیرہ طریقے (بغیر ڈائیٹنگ اور بغیر ورزش کے)”۱۔ کپڑے ڈھیلے پہنیں

۲۔ تصویر ہمیشہ دُور سے لیں اور کوشش کریں کہ پاس کوئی بڑی چیز جیسے بَس ٹرک یا بلند عمارت ہو

۳۔ وزن کرتے ہوئے ہمیشہ ایک پاوں زمین پر رکھیں (اور دوسرے سے سکیل کو دبائیں یہاں تک کہ سوئی آپ کے آج کے ہدف تک پہنچ جائے)

۴۔ دُبلے پتلے اور خوراک کا خیال رکھنے والے دوستوں سے تعلقات توڑ دیں

۵۔ خود کو یقین دلائیں کہ موٹاپے کا احساس صرف اور صرف آپ کے دماغ کی خرافات ہیں۔ روزانہ سو مرتبہ یہ وِرد کریں “آئی ایم بیوٹی فُل، آئی ایم پرفیکٹ”

۶۔ گھر کے تمام آئینے توڑ کر باہر پھینک دیں

۷۔ کھانے سے پہلے اور بعد میں خوب کھانا کھائیں تا کہ کھانے کے وقت بھوک کم لگے

۸۔ کھانا ہمیشہ بہت زیادہ بنائیں تا کہ بچے ہوئے کھانے کو دیکھ کر یہی احساس ہو کہ کم کھایا

۹- ڈاکٹر کو رشوت دے کر “مکمل صحتمندی” کا سرٹیفیکیٹ حاصل کریں

۱۰۔ اپنے کمرے میں جگہ جگہ جاپانی پہلوانوں کے پوسٹر اور تصاویر آویزاں کریں

۱۱۔ روزانہ متعدد بار ورزش سے بھاگیں۔ بقیہ اوقات میں ریلیکس کریں اور ورزش کا خیال دل میں نہ لائیں

۱۲۔ موٹاپے کی طرف توجہ دلوانے والے دوستوں کو غلط وزن بتائیں اور اُنہیں اپنی آنکھیں چیک کروانے کا مشورہ دیں

۱۳۔ کھاتے ہوئے یاد رکھیں کہ کم کھانے کی صورت میں جَلد ہی ایک شدید احساسِ محرومی آپ کو لاتعداد اشیائے خورد و نوش دیوانہ وار مُنہ میں ڈالنے پر مجبور کر سکتا ہے۔ ایک متوازن انسان کبھی ایسے احساسات کو قریب پھٹکنے نہیں دیتا۔ اور آپ تو ہیں ہی بیوٹی فُل، پرفیکٹ اور بیلینسڈ

Little Inspirations.

To the wonderful world of Poetry,
To the gleaming waves of thoughts…
To that innocence of wise eyes,
That lost its whereabouts…
Some dreams, some hopes, some rewards,
To that contentment the heart brought
Here’s a drop from this ocean,
To the mind, years in drought…. 🙂


The very first poem i’d like to share is an excerpt from the book, “Heartbeats in the wind-Reflection of an Arab Woman” by Randa Hamwi Duwaji. An amazing poem that takes away literally every stress of the day..


When you’re wrapped in sorrow, yet cannot cry
When you wish you could, but dare not try
When you feel you would rather die…
Think of Heaven.

When you have no strength to push along
When all around you has gone wrong
When there’s nothing to pin your hopes on
Think of Heaven.
Think of that Eternal Peace
Contentment… past all degrees
Labors rewarded.. a Lord who is pleased
such is Heaven.
Where journeys end,
where friend meets friend,
where there’s more bliss
beyond each bend.
where faces shine, as smiles entwine.
That is Heaven!


A short poem, inspired by the poet, Milan Kundera.

It is true
that some speak
lightly and loosely
of insanity
as in itself attractive.
a moment’s thought
will show
that if disease is beautiful,
it is generally 
someone else’s disease.

The following poem is written incredibly by a 14 year old Cancer patient.. the poem is  very touchy yet inspiring!

Realising what I had
Made me feel sad,
First I cried of more fear, 
but then, why should I cry,
when Allah is so very near?

I could see the children 
of my age and smaller
each and every child had the same as me.
I felt as if I was bound to be grounded,
from the things I used to eat.
By my own will and power, 
I fought my disease with this satisfaction
That I will be back 
with the same old smile and face of glory.

As I passed my days in hospital, 
I became braver.
I was getting used to the daily pricks
The gadgets and machines
made my nights more restless.
All of my relatives
had this broad smiles on their faces,
so as not to leave back any sad or crying traces

The thought of having Cancer is not frightening anymore,
when you know those memorable days 
when you were among relatives and friends
will be back in no matter of time…
and these miserable days in hospital 
will soon be tired of teasing you.

I thank each and every person,
who helped me…
who smiled with me…
who played with me…
and ofcourse, they all will be with me,
in every step of my life.
but all the thanks and praise is to Allah
The Most Merciful!
who gave me another life,
to enjoy it to the full…
And so, Here I am! 

And then the favorite Rumi, ofcourse, how may I forget…

I said what about my eyes
God said Keep them on the road.
I said what about my passion
God said Keep it burning.
I said what about my heart
God said Tell me what you hold inside it
I said pain and sorrow
He said… stay with it.
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Eric Hansen – someone with amazing sense of motivation…

You were born to be a rainstorm,
to send your voice throughout the night,
to sing your song with falling raindrops,
to break the darkness with your light.

You were born to show raw beauty,
To wash the dirt out from their eyes, 
but the whole world ran for cover, 
when you opened up your skies.

So, you made your thunder silent,
and learnt to bite your rainy tongue,
you gave them what they wanted,
you gave them life with an endless sun.

You were born to be a rainstorm, 
To be chaotic and be bold,
to show their is beauty in the knowledge, 
that you cannot be controlled.

Because you might think you are not needed,
life without you is the same,
but nothing beautiful would ever grow,
if it wasn’t washed with rain.

Cheers, till I share the next set of poems in my collection ! 🙂


The Concept of ‘Being Perfect’


We often come across people who demand perfection in every way- their fashion, their writing, their speech and almost every bit of passions that they possess within themselves. Eventually, they start expecting much higher of people they meet- whether it be a friend.. a colleague.. a soulmate. and very soon it hits them that no body is perfect! no matter how hard they try molding the next person according to the moods or habits- they might succeed temporarily but the way Allah (SWT) created us humans is something extraordinary!

You know why?  See, grammatically in Arabic, the word “Insaan” has emerged from the root words “Noon-Seen-Yah” meaning ‘to forget’… or to simplify its “Nisyaan” that has the same meaning aswell. There you go! when the human is created to forget and never be perfect how are we supposed to even expect perfection from humans?  let alone trying to become impeccable ourselves? take pride in that- wow!

I’ve heard stories of such people who had huge demands from the world they lived in. No wonder, what that world was- but surely a fanatic fantasy. but soon they were shown in this world that no other power remains to be called perfect except Allah (SWT). One such example also comes from the story of Pharaoh and Musa (A.S). Yet, as the Pharaoh knew his time was near to die and there was no way out- whom did he turn to? The Perfect right?  Eventually. To be honest, there was still a chance Allah (SWT) would’ve forgiven the Pharaoh- for all the hustle and pride the Pharaoh had… but he was kept as an example for the living- still preserved since ancient times. SubhaanAllah!

Everybody is beautiful in their own ways. No matter how bad a company one keeps- there is always one small thing that distinguishes every human being. To some it may be a daily act of kindness such as watering neighbor’s plants, trying to avoid lying infront of parents atleast or it maybe even feeding a poor person once a month while walking back home. We don’t know how every person lives. Everybody has their own way of seeing life and attaining peace. Yet, deep within, a person of this little humbleness knows his flaws that he hides from the world but Allah (SWT) knows… and when the world knows the flaws- they never give a second chance, but Allah (SWT) does.

Allah (SWT) is ready to forgive our weaknesses. Overlook us and wipe away completely the sins bigger or smaller we perform. He waits for us to repent because He knows we would keep forgetting this submissivenes towards Him and keep on doing the sin and repenting and then repeat again…. He wants us to accept the fact that only His own existence remains “The Perfect” in this world and hereafter.

We turn to Him very quickly when we realize being at fault. Cry to Him and always say, “I won’t do it again… pleeease forgive me for You love to forgive.. just this time too.. one more chance?“… and He forgives! Even before you uttered those words. When Allah (SWT) says He loves us 70 times more than a mother loves her child- what makes us think He created us to punish us or did He made us to be closer to Him? What He could’ve done was to simply make Himself appear and guide everybody to make them believe in His greatness and wisdom.. but, He chose us- granting us the superiority among the rest of His creations- and giving us a choice… come back to Him through tests and understanding the mystery behind His signs…. or simply give up by accepting arrogance and self proclaimed ego. If we repent, no matter how flawed we are, He would forgive us…. if we don’t believe in His forgiveness- the punishment is severe as promised. The choice is ours to make.