The ‘Diapaused’ Human

Just a mere stage of dormancy. A phase in every insect’s life and some mammals where they have to survive in unfavourable conditions- clinging onto their dear life- and then develop to a mature adult form. This is the diapause. Like a Caterpillar goes dormant and for some time this gloomy little one doesn’t know what would happen next.. until it turns to a beautiful butterfly- blessed with a superpower.. Wings! Likewise, us humans also go through a stage of diapause- ironically it occurs many times till we mature and realize it later that we changed.


We humans endure pain, tolerate criticism, get bad at relations and often feel so much that we get paralyzed for our next move. These thoughts or events that make us so numb are just temporary tests in our life that if we ponder are actually shaping us into an ‘adult’ form. This is the diapause in every human life. These tests may be a career option, a problematic subject, a mere opinion from a passerby or friend or even another human. It maybe a long dormant period in the life of someone who faces demise of a loved one. It may be a deadly disease. It may even be a villian in a family. Its altogether just a pause where us humans tend to really think about life- the purpose, what and how will it further take us and how shall we deal with it. We humans err and realize mistakes, but err again.

Cheeers! There are always two choices. Either to take  U-turn and respond back at life as crudely as it made us fall, or succumb to your problems and get all gloomy about the life again. I have seen people at tender age of 10 talking wisely like a 25 year old ambitious person, and I have also witnessed 50 year olds pretending going back on 16 years of age. To your surprise, there are people who often think too seriously positive about this diapaise that they often get so matured the opinions of someone else always negates them, eventually they feel all alone and  the diapause stage comes back. This is a vicious cycle we should refrain from. Maturity sure doesn’t define age, yet it takes years or a mere event in a life of an individual to outgrow thoughts and opinions. To reason differently yet act naturally.

When I say we got two choices, I also say we got a positive expectation and a negative one. But this is not entirely from oneself, its actually from Allah SWT. When we accept the fact the diapause is a checkpoint created by Allah SWT to make us reckon life, we know if He made us reach to it He would also make us go through it. This is our superpower I mentioned above, a power to trust Him in every decision He makes.

So, the next time you face a diapause, repeat the ayaah from Quran,

“With every hardship is an ease, Verily, with every hardship is an ease”

Then ask yourself and ponder where  is the ease and you shall smile back again. 🙂


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