A Walk to Remember..

It is said that when you stand in front of the ocean, the first person that comes to your mind is your true love, but what if I tell you that its vicinity may become secretly inspiring for different people. Beaches are adventurous for those who wish to look beyond the water merely colliding with the shores, passions for the shells, sun bathing and animal riding.


The water that voluntarily thrashes itself on the rocks may be a teacher for the poetic beginners .. waking up to its beautiful sound may become anti-depressants for the lonely souls.. even the way water meets the shore may motivate some that for every hurdle ahead take back a step then leap forward, outraged, till you achieve your destination.

The sands may be a place for building castles, “digging in” people for fun or writing one’s name .. but different sands have different meanings to life. To face a stronger opponent, life gradually teaches us to become hard-core yet humble for every situation. If you observe, standing just near the shore, the grains of the sand harden yet remain wet as they face the vast force of the sea. It hardly allows anyone to penetrate deep into it, yet it permits long, beautiful walks to remember. Here is where the Castle’s are built and here is where the childhood memories are made. The faraway sand is rather fine and endures the tough sun beams. It may be some enjoyment for the love of people, but eventually it wears off.


Horizons may become hope for lost souls. Endlessly expanding beneath, yet touching the skies in its limits. The bewildered colors and the beautiful birds echoing a lesson-“don’t give up here, life is awesome ahead- there is hope!” For some, the horizon has even heard the deepest secrets- shared or unshared stories. Some remember, some forgotten.

Did you ever experience the underwater ? A world of stingrays, groupers, sea-turtles, sharks, clown-fishes and much more. A hiding place for beautiful pearls. A scenary of Divine artwork. A treasure of cities beneath it, many still undiscovered. Another lesson for us- apparently, someone may be a villain person yet the heart and soul they possess could be beautiful. We judge people easily by appearance, but what lies within them might astonish us and inspire us.

That being said, its always a pleasure visiting sea side. The next time you go to create memories, look for astounding lessons as it might teach for a lifetime to remember and share with your kids and grandkids.

As for me, I always leave making sure that I leave my mark and depart, with sticky sand still between my toes and an ice cream in one hand. 🙂


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