The Three Letters of Downfall

What defines “the chaos of life”? You being so busy that you’re unable to take out time to sit with family? Your stubbornness when a junior asks you for a favour ? Your frustrations when little things you think you can manage gets so haphazard? Eventually, it leads all to an ultimate end of a good brought up or should I say the grooming of your parents when you start boasting your ego. The three letter word that leads us all to downfall, little do we understand don’t we?

Man, no doubt has to some extent a superiority over women. They earn and face the excruciating and disgusting world outside. Running for jobs, dealing with gruesome people and above all trying to save money in a world of today- where it seems the money gets down the drain so quickly no matter how you save. They are tough and brought up by the stereotype, ‘men don’t cry’.  That’s exactly where the EGO steps in. 

Women look after household and some even work and do chores too. And by chores I could go on in a list of never ending work. Make dinner of their husband’s choice, wash clothes, clean the house, do the dishes, solve inlaws issues,  then they have the cranky dependant babies to look after.. And still remain tip top for their husbands in the eve. Some are even working women who do double jobs of balancing the outside and inside world together. If she demands some time to rest is it necessary she gets taunted in a way she never want to do anything for her sake? 

Why does ego gets misunderstood as “confidence” “power to rule” and “intelligent dealings”. Is it important we crush the one beneath us so harshly, forget about hurting the other person won’t even want to talk to you. Ever realized why you were made an authority? Was it to rule over and gain power by insulting? Doesn’t it lead to more frustrations in a society- eventually a working space gets disintegrated and the blame games start. The vicious cycle begins where two personalities full of pride fail to understand their ruining the world in small or a larger scale on whole. 

I know frustrations are everywhere, there are little who know how to deal with them perfectly and wisely. I love such people and always try to learn from such kinds who put others first and not their wishes ahead of themselves. The teachings of our Prophet (S.A.W. W) show that he practised his life that revolves around the famous quote, ” forgive and let go” trust me, its so not easy in this world we live now. Now is the life with which even the wolf has asked forgiveness. People are after the happiness you share, the pride you show when your child achieves higher marks in class, the confidence you feel when you show you’re independent. They would never stop, why? Because you’re hurting them. Affecting their “look busy, do nothing” lives and teasing their ego. Trust me, you shouldn’t stop, its their sickening thoughts with which they’re brought up. Ego. They think its their win-win, but it’s actually yours if you ponder and let them go- remember karma? It lies there hiding and waiting for the right moment to come. And it will, inshaaAllah. 


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