Month: August 2017

The Dam .. 

Sharing is caring? We often bury our secrets to what seem a deep chest with a never opening lock- so enduring that its impossible to believe it can ever break open. We also bury a part of ourselves. Expecting the treasure chest would never be found by the dishonest pirates. Expecting to get a guide. Believing our secret is considered not a drop in the ocean, but a pearl hidden within its vastness. But we expect too much…

Anyone with such a deep sense of trust is hard to find. In a world of today, if a person bears witness of showing themselves so honest- trust me its a warning! If a person starts to compliment you in an exaggerated way, be vigilant for there’s a purpose behind it. The moment their work is done, you’ve become useless to them. People become so bias and so immature, sometimes its hard to believe they have more experience in life than we’ve had uptill now. Gradually it becomes a stubborn habit. The habit of pleasing everyone, showing “we care” “we support” “we’re here”, pretending dual characters, never giving a sincere opinion and taking relations for granted… Wow, they don’t even get tired! 

… It’s also a part of the society that broughts up.  Probably of the busy life and frustrated surroundings. Not only the professions, but the corruption, the exaggeration in media and the social networks proves we are living a techno robotic life.. Where we expect a reply or a solution to our problems almost instantly.

…People have failed to realise they possess a dam within themselves. It may contain infinite memories, a tonne of trust and a billion of secrets. Its a matter of realization how deep the dam maybe, or a matter of choice how deep you want it to be. Either you chose the superficial land beside where everything is open for everyone to come and see and enjoy ..or you chose to be the deepness of trust where looking from above makes you wonder what lies beneath.. There shouldn’t be anything gray…