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They Say…

To them its just a story,

Another of its kind.

To polish another crude soul,

To mend ones broken behind.
To them it is necessary

Stating facts, emotions and fears.

What could they merely talk about?

What could they possibly hear?
They say, “you’re one of a kind

A  winner, not victim for God sakes!”

Would they know what to endure?

What it went through, what it takes?
Go tell them story, what you bury within

A mirrored reflection, a memory secured,

An engraved thought of hard struggle,

Those years of passion that you endured.
Go tell them- you’re the real hero,

Not their sweet smiles or random talk

Neither their mere support- the less that it was,

Nor the evenings they hardly walk. 
You’re the hero. Believe and foresee,

What lies behind was a mere memory,

Fading in its faintest glow very slowly,

Deeply.. Softly… And Eventually.  



We’re all shape-shifters. To this day I’ve come to believe what is apparent may not be truly what lies beneath the hidden face. People hide emotions. They may be targets of life’s complexities yet they’re good treasure chest for secrets. For an example, people become unavoidably sarcastic- merely taunting and teasing and often gaining attention. To a limit, its fine.. They think its fun.. How the daily replies dies with words being limited as if hiding something for no reason. Reason? Often unknown to them too.. But its just their way of hiding a serious life. 

Then come those who talk. Not just random talk… Literally every kind of talk. Necessary or unnecessary, serious or funny, philosophy or literature, science or math- they just talk! You name it, they know it. They also gain huge circle of friends and hardly lose any. You often get such positive vibes from such people.. But don’t get trap. Again, such is their way of showing a brighter side of life. 

Another form is of those who demand praises yet love merely point fingers upon others.. Their best habit? Let’s gossip. Just gossip and kill the time. They’ll show the best behaviour when you’re in talking terms- if you doubt them th-  Oohh you shouldn’t doubt them- how dare you point finger at them?! Did you just see that? How rude. Tsk tsk. 

Also those who are in search of sincerity, often when you sincerely give an advice- they mind alot. What are you good at then ? 

Often bipolars are found. Two poles yes, one for a sober friend and one for a serious friend. You may never unveil their true personality.. For they show a different kind whenever you meet. Good with everyone but never revealing or trusting those they call “friends”.. Probably because they hardly have any. 

There are also extremes- some who like to play hide and seek like they keep their plans a secret till you discover yourself OR they eventually inform at the 11th hour. Or there are those who inform you of every breath they’re about to take but still never take your plans seriously. Annoying.

I’ve seen people asking the very details of every little plan you discuss, yet hiding their own…. Seen those who become softest in their tone when actually they’re raging with fire… And those who love to travel and eat outside almost daily to runaway from serious home life… And those who assume their life is just friends, phone and social media… And those who are laughing with tears in their eyes, ‘tears of happiness!’ .. Still these all have a life. The world within them remains hidden and confused even to them at times.. This is what they face from their perspective and become a shape shifter to the world outside. cover and undiscovered. 

Is He really hidden?

Intuitions. How can one define them? Gut instincts.. Sixth sense.. True feelings. People gave synonyms to make sense, yet it needs much experience to expert them. What matters the most is the way we approach these intuitions and how we gain trust in them.

At times, we are intrigued by the fame of celebrities.. The posh lifestyle of a modern, elite family… attracted to anyone’s fascinating accent… Cheered up by humor of someone who loves to make jokes on anyone, anytime. Still, there lies a deep, deep wisdom in the voice that always shouts within us, ‘this isn’t right.. You’re not meant for this’ to not crossing lines and staying decently away.. But we learn by experiences don’t we? 

Sometimes, some of us get overwhelmed by feelings of “trust” in someone so quickly, yet when they slam the world in front of us by their behavior we eventually learn this quick “trust” was a danger sign to not go beyond frankness and friendliness. Another experience?

It’s true you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone, and accept the fact that no one would ever realize what you’re going through.. What you’ve been through.. And what they are making you go through. I’ve been brought up by stories of my Prophet (S.A.W.W)  to show kindness to those who do harm to you, to respect your elders no matter how rude one becomes, always help those in need with your intentions of expecting a reward only from your Lord. 

Try to look beyond those mere co incidences that happen in everyday life. You woke up early, got ready and left for your job but during the way got stuck in a huge traffic jam which made u reach on time somehow.. Coincidence? 

Or maybe you despised a place to work but gave interview anyway, later the company you dreamed to work in got defamed by faults and frauds and you realize the place you work is best for you.. Another coincidence?

Sometimes even little things like a dress color you were unsure to wear actually was the theme of the party and you didn’t know … While ordering something you gave order for a great good amount and later got uninvited guests … You ‘accidently’ took a wrong turn and showed up at a market you werent planning to buy groceries-but hey! There’s a summer sale!! Surprised?

These things in life aren’t coincidences, its something that has been decreed for you before the establishment of the universe. Something so peculiar about it is the fact you can’t deny but take a sigh of relief these incidents happened. Think for a while was it you who planned it or was Allah the planner? Was it you to take care of the billion things out of your sight and wisdom or is it Allah who manages that which you see not? 

Why is it so hard these days to merely believe the fact Allah created us and He has the knowledge so vast- from a single bacteria that got destroyed in our body to the intention of another person talking to you on phone miles and miles away. Who is the Creator and Planner now? So when we think of ourselves and the problems we face in daily life,just have blind trust in Allah.

….. He would caress you the way a mother cares for the child..making you learn hand in hand .. Staying quiet like a teacher when tests are taken.. Looking over you with love and protection  when you’re asleep.. And providing provision to you when YOU think you don’t deserve/ can’t afford/ won’t like to have.. Making you go through trails of agony so you become sober and realize His existence. 

Trust me He isn’t hidden. Trust me, its not your intuition, but guidance from Allah. Trust me, its a blessing when He gives you this opportunity to trust Him and He will make this world and hereafter the best place to be .. And the key?  all you have to do is a thank you. 

Often, dark rooms have switches hidden which you have to seek so you lit it up.. Seek your Lord, He would seek you. 

Are You A Slave… Yet?

We live in a dilemma. A delusion anybody hardly speaks of. When it comes the time to discuss the catch in life, people back away saying, “we’re fine” however, they’re in a constant fight against the worlds. Worlds? yes, a world outside and the brutal world inside.
To accept the fact, as stated very rightly in Quran  that “...this world is an enjoyment of deception” (3.185) we  do it gracefully  yet when the “enjoyment” arrives we humbly approach it, not realizing it as a test in disguise. We fall down the pitch- a luxurious, decorated and charming place- surrounded with much more disguises of people to read and eventually to learn a lesson rather a hard way.

What makes us judge this ‘pitch’ is our intuition .. the Nafs. That feeling one can decide matters of life in one second- the twisted anxiety one befalls and surrenders to is a teacher for a lifetime. but in the long term, when we have finally learnt a lesson- sit down calmly and think either to be a slave of your nafs or conquer it.
to be or not to be from Hamlet speach on a blackboard

It is the intuition that is to be blamed. Not the people who wronged you… or the people who welcomed you, but you rejected them. Not the circumstances in which you were raised.. how you were raised.. and whom were you raised with. Not, definitely, those things you left behind or memories you didn’t cherish …  It’s you who decide the voice is a fact .. or another whisper of Satan leading you astray. If you surrender to the Nafs and get angry, start crying, start gossiping or sin for any of that matter- it is you who eventually face the consequences. You’re left with a little or no memories to make let alone get a trust back.

Before blaming someone else, start with yourself- how did you end up being a jerk to those you now regard or look up to? How did the world became so fascinating all of a sudden that you forgot you created enemies within the circle of your social and private life. How come the intuition never warned and never scold you to move away and never look back? but yes, everyone isn’t perfect and not everyone learns a lesson from their mistakes, or decide for that purpose to never do it again. It’s just a matter of seconds to realize, forgive and ask forgiveness, and leave it to Allah to make things better… or keep the grudge within you for years to ruin the generation ahead.


This voice is your core of life. A steering to control yourself. It may create huge misunderstandings or manage to be strong as a mountain in times when even you can’t believe that you could endure. That is how you becomes a best teacher for yourself. The more that you feed this Nafs, the more it desires and the more you are pulled into the pitch- sooner to be unveiled as a fraud. The battle never ends, until you die.

To be best avoided and keep your intuition focused, recite the following whenever you face any situation. b0d4cfa6f193cbf3672cf3f1b2b96ad6

There does come a time when we have to decide not to become a slave of this “nafs” and always initiate a decision of brain than the heart to achieve our focus. I’m first reminding myself and then to the readers that we are, eventually a slave of Allah SWT and not of our desires or ego. We are not answerable to anyone in the end, but to our Lord who knows every whisper of the heart. May Allah SWT make us much brave enough to discuss the shortcomings with Him only and always believe strongly that His decision is the best in our life- and not a hasty decision as ours. Ameen.

Reflect before speaking

“When a glass is broken, the sound of breaking disappears immediately whereas the glass pieces are scattered over the ground hurting whoever walks over it”.
Similarly, “when you say something that hurts people’s emotions and feelings,the voice disappears immediately but the heart remains in pain for long”.
Therefore, don’t say anything except good and remember always the nine advises and prohibitions that Allah Almighty gave us in Suratul Hujurat (The Sura of Islamic manners) before you say something to anyone:

1- فتبينوا:

“Fa Tabayyanu”: Investigate: when you receive an information,lest you harm people out of ignorance.
2 – فأصلحوا:

“Fa Aslihu”

Make settlement: between your brothers as believers are brothers.
3- وأقسطوا:

“Wa Aqsidu”: Act justly: whenever there is a dispute try for settlement and act justly among both parties as Allah loves those who act justly.
4 – لا يسخر:

“La Yaskhar”: Don’t ridicule people,perhaps they may be better than you to Allah. 
5 – ولا تلمزوا:

“Wa La Talmizu”: Do not insult one another.
 6- ولا تنابزوا:

“Wa La Tanabazu”: Do not call each other with offensive nicknames. 
7- اجتنبوا كثيرا من الظن:

“Ijtanibu Kaseeran min AlZan”: Avoid negative assumptions, indeed some of the assumptions are sins.
8 – ولا تجسسوا:

“Wa La Tajassasu” Do not spy on each other.
9- ولا يغتب بعضكم بعضا:

“Wa La Yagtab”: Do not backbite each other. Its a major sin equivalent to eating your dead brother’s flesh.
Lastly Allah said in Qur’an “remind for the remainder benefits the believers”.

May Allah continue to Bless and guide us in all our affairs. Aameen.

The Concept of ‘Being Perfect’


We often come across people who demand perfection in every way- their fashion, their writing, their speech and almost every bit of passions that they possess within themselves. Eventually, they start expecting much higher of people they meet- whether it be a friend.. a colleague.. a soulmate. and very soon it hits them that no body is perfect! no matter how hard they try molding the next person according to the moods or habits- they might succeed temporarily but the way Allah (SWT) created us humans is something extraordinary!

You know why?  See, grammatically in Arabic, the word “Insaan” has emerged from the root words “Noon-Seen-Yah” meaning ‘to forget’… or to simplify its “Nisyaan” that has the same meaning aswell. There you go! when the human is created to forget and never be perfect how are we supposed to even expect perfection from humans?  let alone trying to become impeccable ourselves? take pride in that- wow!

I’ve heard stories of such people who had huge demands from the world they lived in. No wonder, what that world was- but surely a fanatic fantasy. but soon they were shown in this world that no other power remains to be called perfect except Allah (SWT). One such example also comes from the story of Pharaoh and Musa (A.S). Yet, as the Pharaoh knew his time was near to die and there was no way out- whom did he turn to? The Perfect right?  Eventually. To be honest, there was still a chance Allah (SWT) would’ve forgiven the Pharaoh- for all the hustle and pride the Pharaoh had… but he was kept as an example for the living- still preserved since ancient times. SubhaanAllah!

Everybody is beautiful in their own ways. No matter how bad a company one keeps- there is always one small thing that distinguishes every human being. To some it may be a daily act of kindness such as watering neighbor’s plants, trying to avoid lying infront of parents atleast or it maybe even feeding a poor person once a month while walking back home. We don’t know how every person lives. Everybody has their own way of seeing life and attaining peace. Yet, deep within, a person of this little humbleness knows his flaws that he hides from the world but Allah (SWT) knows… and when the world knows the flaws- they never give a second chance, but Allah (SWT) does.

Allah (SWT) is ready to forgive our weaknesses. Overlook us and wipe away completely the sins bigger or smaller we perform. He waits for us to repent because He knows we would keep forgetting this submissivenes towards Him and keep on doing the sin and repenting and then repeat again…. He wants us to accept the fact that only His own existence remains “The Perfect” in this world and hereafter.

We turn to Him very quickly when we realize being at fault. Cry to Him and always say, “I won’t do it again… pleeease forgive me for You love to forgive.. just this time too.. one more chance?“… and He forgives! Even before you uttered those words. When Allah (SWT) says He loves us 70 times more than a mother loves her child- what makes us think He created us to punish us or did He made us to be closer to Him? What He could’ve done was to simply make Himself appear and guide everybody to make them believe in His greatness and wisdom.. but, He chose us- granting us the superiority among the rest of His creations- and giving us a choice… come back to Him through tests and understanding the mystery behind His signs…. or simply give up by accepting arrogance and self proclaimed ego. If we repent, no matter how flawed we are, He would forgive us…. if we don’t believe in His forgiveness- the punishment is severe as promised. The choice is ours to make.


This was shared by a good friend aand this actually brought tears to my eyes! A beautiful read with lesson for life.


This morning after fajr I was making dua to Allah swt to put barakah in our Rozi. Then a little while later have a cup of coffee I scroll through fb and this is what I came across as if it’s meant for me.

A man is absent from his work one day & during that day his boss realises how much work he does, so decides to increase his pay.

On pay day when he receives more money the man doesn’t say anything.

A few days later he is absent again & the boss is angry & decides to cut his pay.

When he gets less money on pay day he again quietly takes the money without saying anything.

The boss asks him the reason & he says the first time I was absent I was blessed with a child & when u increased my salary I realised that he brought his rizq with him

The second time I lost my mother & when u decreased my salary I knew she took her rizq with her.

He said why should I argue when اللّه Subhana Ta’ala has taken responsibility on Himself to provide rizq for everyone.

Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam said (to the effect)
“If you place your trust completely in Allah, as it ought to be, then surely you will be provided sustenance in the manner that birds are provided sustenance. They leave in the morning with their belly empty and return in the evening with their belly full.” (Tirmizi #2344)

Every person’s main worry & concern is his/her sustenance. This overwhelming worry results in tension & high stress levels. The moment man’s gaze moves away from اللّه Subhana Ta‘ala, then he begins to feel that the burden of sustenance lies completely on his shoulders. Man needs to take a lesson from the birds – the lesson of trust. Adopt the means & make a reasonable effort, but always have one’s complete trust in اللّه Subhana Ta‘ala. This will bring much relief in our lives in sha اللّه.

In Ar Razzaq, the All Provider I place my complete reliance & trust. It is not my diplomas, degrees or my signatures on contracts or business deals that guarantee my provision. It is only through His Loving Mercy that He Provides for me, his sinful servant, even without asking.